How to get the economy back to normality - without a new spread of COVID-19 ?

World-leading manufacturer of thermoplastic sheets, PALRAM offers a range of smart applications, all dedicated to help companies get back to normal activity, while protecting theirs customers and work forces from the spread infectious diseases.

From modular partition systems to protective inspection booths and quality face shields - PALRAM applications are developed and manufactured with current sanitary challenges in mind:

  • Superior clarity, for optimal visibility and light transmission
  • Superior durability devices made with ultra-resilient materials
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly engineering
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, assemble and adapt on site
  • Easy to clean and disinfect. Detergent proof.

* Current applications can be adapted to specific requirements.


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VIVAL_G5_Inspection_Booth_Icon_2 VIVAL_G5_Inspection_Booth_Icon_2
VIVAL G5 | Protective Inspection Booth

VIVAL G5 | Protective Inspection Booth

High-Clarity, Anti-Contamination Body Shield

  • Protects the whole body, helping to decrease risks of contamination
  • Provides dual-sided protection to both visitors and staff/guard
  • Left/right hand aperture for temperature and security inspection
  • Ensures see-through clarity and 180° a visibility scope
  • Optimized space to allow comfortable working environment (can contain a chair / a bar)
  • Ideal for entrance of outlets, office & administration buildings
VIVAL_G10_Modular_Partition_System_2pcs_Icon_Train-Station Vival_G10_Sanitary_Partition_System_2pcs_Icon_4
VIVAL G10 | Modular Partition System

VIVAL G10 | Modular Partition System

Fast-assembly, lightweight, ultra-resilient building kits

  • Modular building system for the creation of partitions and isolated spaces
  • Based on Aluminum structure and connectors set, allowing flexible design
  • Various wall types available (can all be combined):
    - Antibacterial, multilayer, opaque 3mm PVC walls
    - Translucent 4mm Polycarbonate multiwall panels
    - Transparent 3mm Polycarbonate panels
    - Transparent 0.7mm Polycarbonate panels
  • Walls dimensions: 120cm width x 220cm height
  • Fast erection of separated rooms or areas with dividers
  • Allows easy building of expandable architectures / partitions in large scale
  • Doors can be added to any design or structure
  • Long lasting heavy-duty materials. Do not rust or fracture.
  • Detergent-proof. Sanitizable with alcohol.
  • 100% maintenance free